Andrew Lane has been making furniture since he was 12. Professionally, he has been designing bespoke, hand-crafted, award-winning furniture and kitchens for over 30 years.

Originally trained in Fine Art and then later at Rycotewood, Andrew’s design sense is to achieve elegance through simple proportions, clean lines and the highest quality materials.

Having well-designed, well-made furniture is something we choose to do and is a very positive way of constructing our living environments. The internal space of our homes has to work on different levels, functional, ergonomic, aesthetic. So having kitchens and furniture made is a statement that is personal, and is how we make the most of our living space. Through good design, good materials and a thorough process we achieve that instinctive goal.

At Andrew Lane Furniture we design to order. We offer a service to clients who come to us with a problem to solve. Every project is a one-off.













Our client, Tanya

“With Andrew it was very easy. I don’t know why, but we just understood the language of design. I liked how he always managed to visualise my ideas and also how he managed to make them real and how the pieces that he makes are solid but elegant and kind of timeless.

I just trusted that Andrew would make nice things. I knew this was what we needed.”

Hand-crafted furniture

Unique kitchens

Simple, beautiful elegance

If you are considering a project and would like to discuss ideas, or simply have a question to ask, please get in touch.



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