What is Bespoke?

Everything is designed and made to order.

Every project is a one-off.

We offer a service to customers to create stunning, personalised solutions for them.

Our process.

From tree to finished project, we always put our clients needs first. From choosing the materials (and yes, some do bring their own) to discussing design requirements and influences, we work with you to ensure a design fits the space in your home and your life.

After initial contact, we suggest a meeting to discuss ideas for designs, materials, finishes and schedules. Once you are presented with drawings we encourage your thoughts and feedback to then further develop the designs alongside you.  We find this collaborative approach produces a much smoother manufacturing stage and final result.

All our clients are different and these processes are entirely flexible to reflect that. Ultimately we are here to create work for you.













Award-winning design

Awards only say so much, but they are still nice to win now and again. The 1997 Chair won an Arts Council Craft award.

Hand-crafted furniture

Unique kitchens

Simple, beautiful elegance

If you are considering a project and would like to discuss ideas, or simply have a question to ask, please get in touch.



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