We fit into the tradition of British furniture makers who use a combination of traditional techniques while developing innovative ideas and new applications of materials. We produce the highest quality contemporary furniture that will last well into the future, both in terms of aesthetic as well as craftsmanship.

Our designs are unique and we manufacture furniture for both private and commercial clients as either one off commissions or small batch production runs.

We provide a comprehensive service to our customers and encourage their involvement in the design process, wherever appropriate. This provides the opportunity for the refinement of ideas, discussions about materials and generally ensures that the customer ends up fully satisfied with the result. As well as creating unique, personal pieces for customers, designs may also be chosen from our existing portfolio.

Alongside creating furniture directly for customers we also work with architects and interior designers on a range of private and commercial projects.

As all of our furniture is made by commission with specific requirements often central to the design we do not offer prices on our website. For all enquiries, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and accurately quote for your needs.